ESI International Study Alerts Organisations to Take Return on Investment (ROI) Approach to Training Programmes or Risk Losing Them

ESI International, the world’s leading Project Management training company, today announced the last release of a new research study titled “Training ROI: Are You On the Verge of Losing Your Budget?” The study explains how those responsible for organisational development can prove the value of their training programmes through a practical and straightforward approach to ROI.

“These are uncertain times for managers of training budgets,” said ESI Managing Director, EMEA, Alan Garvey. “L&D managers are called to fight for their learning programmes or be prepared to lose them altogether.”

The study shares the results of a comprehensive study that applies ESI’s ROI methodology to 156 clients and 31,522 students.

“Training budgets compete against other funding requests on a daily basis,” said ESI Executive Vice President, J. LeRoy Ward. “In today’s environment, it is not enough simply to measure how well a learning programme is delivered. Those responsible for training need to provide proof to the business that their programmes are having a measurable impact on the bottom line.”

The study outlines a step-by-step process for calculating ROI that is practical for learning organisations to implement, and also produces meaningful and credible information to the business. It discusses some of the common misconceptions of ROI, provides foundational building blocks for conducting an ROI survey, and concludes with an actual ROI case study to demonstrate best practices for boosting return.

“L&D professionals often struggle with articulating how training can directly impact the bottom line,” continued Ward. “Our paper offers a direct roadmap to accomplishing that and offers concrete proof that it works, based on an ROI study that ESI conducted using data from hundreds of clients and thousands of students.”

In addition to the release of the research study, ESI has created an infographic titled “Making the Case of Training ROI” that depicts the steps an organisation could take to conduct an ROI study, which can be downloaded here.

The Training ROI research paper is available at this link.

Author: ESI International


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